With over 25 years in residential, commercial, corporate and institutional design John Halsey Architect provides a complete line of architectural services for large or small projects and is recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence.

Here the process includes collaboration with client to achieve innovative buildings and spaces. Explore design solutions in response to your needs and vision. At JHA there is no imposition of style. Discover the character of design through understanding the complexities and challenges of construction techniques, building standards and code requirements.

Existing homes and building can be transformed with interior reconfigurations and additions. You will benefit from consultation with an experienced renovation architect.

New construction provides more design options. The mass, volume and building envelope is less limited and becomes the most important area of design. Expression of style and energy efficiency is achieved with building mass, roof lines, windows, porches and overhangs. Selection of building materials include standard sidings, stone, metal panels .and glass.

JHA will work within your budget without compromising design quality. Continuous oversight is assured throughout the design process to achieve budget goals.

Sustainable, energy efficient design, is also a top priority. Here you can realize a design that contributes to ecological balance through renewable resources and energy efficient building systems.

Innovation is always a part of the design process at JHA.

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Custom design:

Residential, institutional, commercial and corporate office design at JHA is a specialized service that illustrates clearly how a building looks and functions before it is built. Design also extends beyond appearance. Comfort and efficiency through good design is a long term benefit. It also adds real estate value throughout the life cycle of your space or building.

Interior Design:

Develop interior spaces with comfort and style. Services include lighting design, furniture plans and selections, finish materials and colors. Experience your space with 3d renderings.

Zoning approvals:

Complete zoning research and analysis is provided specific to your site. Clients are advised when their project requires zoning approval and support is provided throughout the process. JHA has an excellent track record of approvals from planning and zoning boards throughout New Jersey and New York.

Construction phase services:

At JHA extensive experience in construction on site will assure your investment in design quality. Services include on-site review of construction quality, conformance to contract plans and payment approvals. When there are changes in project scope initiated by owner or contractors, evaluation is provided to insure value and benefit to the owner.