Custom Design

Residential, institutional, commercial and corporate office design at JHA is presented clearly with plans and 3d renderings to show how a building looks and functions before it is built. Design also extends beyond appearance. Comfort and efficiency through good design is always a long term benefit and adds real estate value throughout the life cycle of your space or building.

Sustainable Design

Designs for today that consider future generations ability to live in a healthy, balanced environment.

Here you can realize a design that contributes to ecological balance through renewable resources and energy efficient building systems.

Net zero building design for buildings that consume as much energy as produced including passive solar, geo thermal heat source and heat recovery systems.

Zoning Approvals

Complete zoning research and analysis is provided specific to your site. Clients are advised when their project requires zoning approval and support is provided throughout the process. Referrals to experienced planning consultants and attorneys are provided when needed for additional professional testimony. JHA has an excellent track record of approvals from planning and zoning boards throughout New Jersey and New York.

You will benefit from consultation with an experienced architect.

Construction Phase Services

At JHA extensive experience in construction on site will assure your investment in the building project. As qualified site representatives we will also oversee quality control to assure value and benefit to the owner.

  • Preconstruction meetings to review contract documents and begin a positive working relationship between owner, architect and contractor.
  • Construction site representation is available for all projects to communicate errors or conflicts that may impact the design and performance of the building. Our presence at the construction site assures that the end product conforms to the contract plans.
  • Periodic site visits to track construction progress followed by progress reports issued to the owner and contractor. Additional walk-throughs to observe important phases or milestones of construction.
  • Review and approval of samples submitted by the contractor to ensure plan and specification conformance.
  • Changes during construction: if any changes are created during construction the architect provides review and documentation that shows such changes are beneficial to the project. Changes may come from existing unknown conditions, the owner, architect or contractor. Evaluation of changes in cost are also provided and approved by owner. If a contractor has a question about the drawings or documents, a formal Request For Information (RFI) is submitted to the architect. The architect will respond in writing or a change to the original plans set with a sketch or digital drawing. The owner decides final approval of changes.